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Basic Guidelines to Jump Starting a Car

on 12/10/2012

The idea of jump starting a car can be a rather unsettling idea, especially to those who have never done it before. There is a right and a wrong way to jump start a car, but with a little know how, it’s nothing to fear. It is important for everyone who drives a vehicle to know how to jump start their vehicle and also to have a set of jumper cables with them.

Here are the basic steps to follow when jump starting a car:

1. Both cars should be positioned according to where the batteries are located. The easiest reach and less distance is the best. You don’t want to stretch the cables.
2. Be sure that both cars have their parking breaks set and the ignitions are off.
Any corrosion around the battery cables should be cleaned off. This looks similar to white hardened bubbles on or around the cable ends. The best thing to use for this is some sort of wire brush. If any corrosion comes in contact with your skin, be sure to rinse with water. 3. While holding the jumper cables, be sure to make sure the tips do not touch. This can cause sparks. Next you will connect the jumper cables to the battery ends; first the red or positive cable should be connected to the dead battery. Followed by the other red being connected to the other vehicle.
4. Connecting the black or negative cables is the next step. First connect the black cable to the working vehicle followed by connecting the other end to the dead battery.
5. With the jumper cables connected to both vehicles the working car should now be started. To get the best results you will want to leave the vehicle running for several minutes before attempting to start the vehicle with the dead battery. After waiting a few minutes try starting the vehicle with the dead battery. If it does not start right away rev the engine a little on the running car at the same time of trying to start the dead car.
6. Now that the vehicle is running the cables can be removed. However this time begin by removing the black/negative cable from the vehicle that is working and then the vehicle that was just jumped. Follow the same steps to remove the red cable. Again making sure to not let the tips come into contact with each other.

Once the vehicle is started you can be on your way, although you should always be sure to let the vehicle run for a decent amount of time to allow the battery to recharge before shutting it off.

Knowing how to jump start a vehicle can be a very important and useful, especially with the cold weather in the months ahead. Before running into a no start problem, bring your vehicle in to have your batter y checked and a winter overview done on your vehicle. It’s getting cold, be ready!