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Maintenance Mistakes

on 01/02/2013

Anything mechanical needs maintenance from time to time, this includes your vehicles. Keeping up with the maintenance on your vehicle can extend the life much more than fixing it after it’s broken. Some maintenance may cost you a little now, but will save you a lot in the long run.


Here are some common maintenance mistakes to avoid;


~Tire rotation and inflation; rotating your tires regularly can save the life of your tire. The front and rear tires wear differently and should be rotated according to the maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Checking your tire pressures from time to time is also important. Tires leak air naturally and should be checked to make sure they aren’t underinflated or overinflated.


~Windshield wipers; your wipers are one of the easily forgot items on your vehicle. After time your wipers become brittle and cracked and are essentially useless when you are trying to clear your windshield. Changing your wipers before they reach the useless point helps to prevent scratching your windshield and keeps your visual field open and clear.


~Oil changes; most oil change intervals are around 3,000 miles, however, most cars now have a scheduled maintenance set for oil changes, some at 5,000 while others can be longer intervals. Changing your oil when the maintenance schedule calls for is very important. Going over your scheduled maintenance can cause several issues in the long run from sludge build up in the engine to engine failure. An oil change seems much less in the long run than thousands of dollars to replace the engine.


~Tire replacement; too often we let our tires wear out far before we decide to replace them. Four tires can sometimes seem to be costly and thus causing us to “wait a little longer”, but this can cause bigger issues in the long run. If you wait too long to replace your tires you can run the risk of a blowout which can lead to more damage or worse, an accident.


~Gas cap; whenever you fill up at the pump double check to make sure your gas cap is tight. Having a loose gas cap can throw emissions codes in your vehicle and cause the check engine light to come on sending most drivers into a panic. Check your gas cap first to make sure it’s secured tightly; if the light is still on then call your local shop or dealer.


~Use the garage; if you have one, you should use it. While most of us park in the street, parking lot, driveway, etc. using a garage is the best option. Mother Nature can be pretty harsh on vehicles and keeping them out of the many weather changes can prolong the life of your vehicle.