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EcoPower Oil

on 03/06/2013

What is EcoPower Oil?

EcoPower oil is green motor oil. Green motor oil is made from reclaimed oil. The reclaimed oil is refined through special technology including vacuum distillation and hydrotreating to remove contaminates such as fuel, water, sulfur, and dirt. This produces new base oil that is the same, maybe even better than oil base oil made from crude. The base is then blended with additives to help reduce oxidation and engine wear while protecting your engine at the same time.


What does EcoPower Oil do for the environment?

EcoPower takes up to 85% less energy to produce oil refined from crude and just one gallon of reclaimed oil produces the same amount of engine oil as 42 gallons of crude. That adds up to a lot of saved energy. It also takes 300,000 metric tons less greenhouse gas emissions on a yearly basis. This is equivalent to taking 200,000 cars off the road every year!


What does EcoPower Oil do for my vehicle?

EcoPower Oil meets or exceeds the North American standards for engine protection. With Eco-Power oil already being refined it starts from a cleaner base than crude. Additional refining processes eliminate any remaining impurities from the base. The base is blended with advanced performance additives that are specifically engineered to coat metal surfaces and provide protection against thermal breakdown and viscosity. EcoPower Oil is used in some of the largest commercial fleets such as the U.S. Armed Forces. EcoPower Oil can handle the wear and tear on combat vehicles; it can handle your daily driving with ease.

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