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Recycled Motor Oil

on 06/04/2013

It is becoming more and more apparent in our day and age the importance of taking care of our planet. One of the ways the automotive industry is trying to help in this is recycling motor oil. Recycled motor oil is just as good if not better than oil made from crude. Motor oil does not wear out, it only gets dirty, and recycling it can save valuable resources. There is also much less energy needed to make oil from re-refined oil base than from a crude base.


Recycling motor oil is a process in which used oil is re-refined by removing chemical impurities, heavy metals, and dirt. The used oil is tested to check for its suitability for re-refining and then dehydrated to remove any water. Next fuel is separated out of the used oil. Vacuum distillation removes the reusable portion of the oil from the by-product. The next step is hydro-treating. The final oil separation separates the oil into three oil grades; light viscosity for lubricants, low viscosity for automobiles, and heavy viscosity for heavy duty applications. The final step in the process is blending additives to the oil grades with detergents and anti-friction qualities. It is then tested again for purity and quality before going out to the public.   


Recycled oils have been widely used throughout many fire house truck fleets, armed forces vehicles, and in many vehicle fleets.


Using re-refined motor oil can not only help the environment and save on valuable resources, but can also provide extra protection to your vehicle. These recycled motor oils are certified to exceed the toughest North American standards, which are required by most vehicles on the road today.


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