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Winter Check

on 11/02/2012

Winter is right around the corner. With the temperature starting to drop and the thought of heavy snow and icy roads, it's time to get your car checked for winter. Winter can be very hard on your vehicle with the harsh weather.

It's important to have a winter inspection done on your vehicle. Checking the starting and charging system is important to make sure your vehicle will start on those bitter cold mornings. Tires are very important for winter. Checking the tires to be sure you will be safe over the winter months is a must. You need good traction for those icy roads. Having all your fluids checked is a good idea to prevent any future issues and in making sure your vehicle is in good running shape. Using de-icer windshield washer fluid will help to clean your windowshield in the morning while preventing refreezing.

With the roads being icy and slick it's a good idea to carry a winter emergency kit in your car. In addition to the usual emergency car kits, you should keep sand for tire traction if you get stuck in the snow and ice, a blanket to keep warm, de-icing fluid, and of course an ice scrapper.

Winter inspections are important. Bring your car in for your winter inspection. A little bit goes a long way in vehicle maintenance.