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The New Aluminum Ford F-150

on 01/20/2014

Did you happen to catch the NBC special on the new aluminum F-150? They came to downtown Sycamore!
If you missed it, here it is…


So why did Ford take a gamble on the aluminum F-150? Here’s why, according to

• Weight savings of up to 15 percent compared with 2014 models means improved fuel economy and a better ability to meet more stringent CAFE rules. Ford is said to be aiming for 30 mpg on the highway from the 2015 F-150 -- within shouting distance of the government's 2025 standard of 30.2 city/highway for full-sized pickups.


• The F-150 uses the same bonding process developed by Ford for the Jaguar XJ luxury sedan and the Range Rover SUV more than a decade ago.

• The manufacturing footprint of the assembly line will remain about the same. Rivet guns that replace spot welders add complexity, but aluminum could allow other processes, such as painting, to be simplified.

• CEO Alan Mulally spent decades working with high-strength aluminum alloys while building airplanes at Boeing. The boss was confident.