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Spring Cleaning Your Car

on 04/22/2014

Warmer weather is finally on the way! It's time to get your car ready for spring. 

Here are 5 tips to help get your car in Spring shape:

* Wash the underbody - winter driving causes salt, sand, and other debris to get caught up under your vehicle and can lead to corrosion. To help prevent premature worn out parts and rust problems, was the underside of your car to clear all the salt and debris. While your washing the underside it's a good idea to open the hood and clear out any leaves and debris that may have gotten stuck under your hood. 

* Scrub the car inside and out - Salt can damage paint and cause rusting problems. To help prevent these it's important to scrub the outside of your car. It is also a good time to clean out the inside, vacuum and wipe down all the windows. It's Spring cleaning for your car! 

* Change your wiper blades - As they say 'April showers bring May flowers'. Spring is usually rather rainy. Good wiper blades are important. With old worn out wiper blades your view is not clear and can lead to further problems with driving safely. 

* Check tire pressures - warmer weather can cause some wheels to expand and contract with the changing temperatures. This can lead to small amounts of air being leaked out of your tires. it is important  you are checking your pressures to be sure they are at the proper levels. Too much air can be dangerous and too little can cause premature tire wear and decreased gas mileage. 

* Check all fluids - It's always important to check all your fluids to ensure your car is in good running shape, however, with warmer temperatures coming it is very important to be sure you have enough antifreeze to help keep your engine cool.