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My Car Needs a Software Update?

on 11/06/2012

Ever notice how almost everything is technology based anymore? Well it's not much different with the vehicles you buy. It used to be that once the car left the factory, manufacturers didn't have anything else to do to them unless there was some big mechanical recall. Buying a newer car, you'll find yourself visiting the dealership every so often to get a software update.

A software update for what? Cars are becoming more and more computer based. With all the on-board technology it's only expected that glitches will be found and need to be fixed. These updates can correct flaws, address new issues such as viruses, and tweak functions to satisfy the consumer.

Just like any other technical computer device you use (i.e. cell phones, laptops, gaming devices, etc.) there are telephone help centers car owners can call when they run into software issues with their vehicles. In most cases it's just a quick trip to the dealer for an update.

So how do you keep a gadget filled car feeling new over the next 10 years? With a software update of course.