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Brake Safety and Maintenance

on 11/26/2012

A brake inspection on your vehicle should be part of your regular maintenance. Even with cars becoming more reliable, it is still very important to have your brakes in good working condition. Brake repairs are not something to put off. Waiting can become a safety issue and become much more costly than handling the problem right away.

Checking your brakes every six months should become a routine. Going in for an oil change soon, just ask to have your brakes inspected also. It could end up saving you an extra trip later.

Some common signs of your brakes needing repair are; any grinding noises, squealing noises, pulsations or vibrations, loss of pressure on the brake pedal, and of course any dash lights that may come on pertaining to the braking system. If any of these issues appear don't wait to get your brakes inspected. Getting your brake issues taken care of as soon as they appear can save you money and the hassle of a larger repair.

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